Disable client side validation for fields in Web Forms

Disabling validation for hidden fields with ASP.NET Web Forms is certainly not as easy as doing with with ASP.NET MVC as I have posted about before, but it is totally doable.

You will have to work with the Page.Validators object on the client side. It is a global variable call Page_Validators, it is an array that contains all your validators for the page.

Basically you can cycle through this array and disable validators based on the validators id, you use a javascript function called ValidatorEnable() to enable/disable validators as you hide and show sections of your form.

Here is a code sample:

for (i = 0; i < Page_Validators.length; i++) {
    if (Page_Validators[i].id === "<%= RequiredFieldValidatorOne.ClientID %>") {
        ValidatorEnable(Page_Validators[i], false);
    if (Page_Validators[i].id === "<%= RequiredFieldValidatorTwo.ClientID %>") {
        ValidatorEnable(Page_Validators[i], true);

Hopefully this saves you some time down the line for your more complex ASP.NET Web Forms.


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