Entity Framework Cascade Delete

With Entity Framework setting up a one to many relationships can present problems when you try to delete the parent entity. For example, you might have a User who has many Blog Posts (One user to many blog posts). If you try to delete the user you will be told you cannot because of the foreign key relationship.

What you can do with Entity Framework is use the RemoveRange function, the code below shows this being used.

private void DeleteUser()
    using (var db = new MyApplicationnContainer())
        var user = (from u in db.Users
                    where u.Name == "Alan.Feekery"
                    select u).FirstOrDefault();




So now when I delete a user, all the blog posts associated to this user will also be removed, if I didn’t do this I would be unable to delete the user from the database.

Source: Entity Framework on delete cascade


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