Detecting an Internet Connection in Windows 8

I couldn’t find any simple sample code online about detecting an internet connection in Windows 8 so here it is! Windows 8 Store Apps will fail store certification if they don’t check for a internet connection before trying to use one.

public static string CheckForInternetConnection()
    ConnectionProfile InternetConnectionProfile = NetworkInformation.GetInternetConnectionProfile();

    if (InternetConnectionProfile != null)
        switch (InternetConnectionProfile.GetNetworkConnectivityLevel())
            case NetworkConnectivityLevel.None:
                return "No Internet Connection Detected.";
            case NetworkConnectivityLevel.LocalAccess:
                return "Only Local Access, No Internet Connection Detected.";
            case NetworkConnectivityLevel.ConstrainedInternetAccess:
                return "Limited Internet Connection Detected.";
            case NetworkConnectivityLevel.InternetAccess:
                return "Internet Connection Detected.";
                return "No Internet Connection Detected.";
        return "No Internet Connection Detected.";

Just be sure to include the Windows.Networking.Connectivity namespace.

using Windows.Networking.Connectivity;

Source: MSDN Network information sample


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