Build an Umbraco powered website from start to finish

Lately I have been doing a lot of specific development work, back in February I had been getting familiar with the basics of Umbraco but it had to be sidelined for 6-7 months.

However a couple of website builds are upon me now and I need to quickly get up to speed with taking a static website (html/css/js) and having it powered by Umbraco with contact forms.

There is a new tutorial series on Umbraco called Building the CWS Site put together by Warren Buckley that does just that. Warren takes a static website and converts it into a fully powered Umbraco website with contact forms.

Aside from the quality of this tutorial series Warren is very approachable on Twitter and by email.

I highly recommend checking this tutorial series out if you are new to Umbraco or are in need of a quick refresh on how to convert a website over.


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Alan Feekery

Developer, Gamer, Musician, Cyclist and big Motorsport fan... enjoys the odd cup of coffee :)

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