Motor Insurance Quotation Application


This system was built using ASP.NET Web Forms, it uses the Relay web services for broker quotation of products and integration with their back end for staff using the Relay desktop client.

– Broker Software Integration (Relay Web Services)

– Email Storage (Mailchimp Services)

– Full Payment/Direct Debit Processing (Realex Services)

– Text messaging service for client sales (Esendex Web Service)

– Registration plate lookup for car details (Risk Intelligence Service)

– Query String Integration for Advance Referral Traffic

– 128 bit SSL Security & Custom encryption of sensitive session data.

Client Features:

The system uses a single page for quotation questions, utilizing Ajax.NET controls to ensure the client has a smooth experience when adding in all their risk data for a quote. The one page quote also queries for two types of cover and allows the client to switch between these on the results page instantly.

Purchase options vary from ordering a call me email to discuss a policy with staff to purchasing online either by direct debit or full payment. Upon purchase the client is emailed and texted their sales details before a staff member who is also alerted to the sale calls them.

Company Features:

The system also allows for error tracking and alerts upon any problems it encounters so that a client having problems using the system can still be contacted and the problem worked out and fixed.

The system also allows for discounts per product that can be specified and aimed at a very specific range of person depending on their details entered. For example – Males aged 19 – 25 who live in Dublin have a 10% discount for InsurerX.


You can use the system if you wish,, it was also re-skinned for and


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