XML Sitemaps in Umbraco

Something that I always look for in a CMS is a dynamic sitemap… you know the xml document that shows search bots all the pages of your website?

Here have a look at this one: http://umbraco.com/sitemapxml

To have a sitemap like this for your website is vital if you want to rank well. You should specifiy the location of your sitemap in your robots.txt file, have a look at this: http://umbraco.com/robots.txt

So, as you can imagine with a CMS, it is important that your sitemap file is maintained and updated as pages are deleted and created.

Umbraco has a fantastic package for this, it is the same one used to generate the umbraco.com ones I just showed you.

It’s a one click install from the package repository in the Umbraco developer section when your logged into your website and then you can specify your sitemap name from the designer template section.

I’m fairly chuffed with how easy this was to set up and impressed with how well the sitemap works.


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Alan Feekery

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