Umbraco, first impressions

So today I have finally started getting stuck into leaning the ins and outs of a powerful and flexible CMS. I have been avoiding getting fully stuck into content management systems for too long due to nothing really catching my eye that is .NET based.

However I have come across not only a content management system that is .NET based but something that appears to be more powerful and flexible than anything else available online!

It’s called Umbraco, it’s open source and it’s got a thriving development community. What about designers? Well this is the best bit, there is no template system! You really do just design the front end of your website using html, css and javascript as you please.

Today I have watched in depth several times the Intro videos, specifically the sitebuilder introduction, the installation was a breeze with Microsoft’s platform installer and well, I’m just really excited about this CMS.

Tomorrow I will get stuck into the developer introduction section. It’s great to have finally found a CMS that will make you proud to be a .NET developer.


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Alan Feekery

Developer, Gamer, Musician, Cyclist and big Motorsport fan... enjoys the odd cup of coffee :)

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